The aim of any parents’ life to see their children grow into successful people who have  stability in their life and the finest of career.

This is the most common subject of arguments and disagreement in all families. The most common words used by parents in nearly all conversations will be- study, education, career, focus, future, ambition, dedication and determination.

However, the teenagers are unable to look beyond the last few years in school and want to have the most memorable time with their friends. They forget that the parents have wider outlook of life and their worry has a reason. But another fact that cannot be disregarded is that in living the life for family and fulfilling every need of theirs, they tend to forget their own life as teenagers. They now only will have few regrets of incomplete actions from that time.

The following points will help you communicate better with them and create a balance:-

1)       Talk to them about the fun period of their school/college days. Converse about their regrets. Remind them of their carefree times.

2)     Communicate your interest in studies clearly and the options you have thought of.

3)     Make them understand good score does not mean knowledge. Your grades will not tell what all you have learnt and know.

4)       If you are an early teen, you still have time to think and consult about your profession. But if you are in your late teens, you must be ready with at least one career plan.

5)       Keep trying your hands at diverse opportunities coming your way until you find something that really interests you and you are extremely good at it.

6)    Keep your parents informed about your decisions. Convince them to face other people with confidence about your choices.

7)      Convey to them appropriately about non-conventional career options and how flourishing they can be with appropriate examples.

8)        Study and show them the victorious people in the field on your interest. It can be done through videos or articles about them. You must also study about the hard work put in by them to reach that level.

9)      Make your parents proud of something about you. If not studies, excel in some field and prove your capabilities. Take a road to self-discovery and know yourself.

1   10)   Prove to them that you are not lazy or careless, but you can do hard work in field of your interest and can achieve heights.  

We hope you will be able to follow the above mentioned techniques to know yourself better and make your parents comforted about your livelihood.  However if you face any dilemma or have any queries, feel free to connect with us. We are always there with you.

Happy journey!!




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