Women empowerment and feminism- an understanding

  Understanding women empowerment What is female empowerment? Women empowerment is giving control to women over their own lives, to be intellectually and financially independent. Women have multiple roles to play – caregivers, wife, partner, educators, teacher, mother, disciplinarian, and the makers of home and family. Apart from this, they can be entrepreneurs, professionals, artists, administrator, directors, and play an important role in socio economic development of the society. Females must follow their choices and know their self-worth. It is independence of speech and expression How can women be empowered ~ Admiration for women entrepreneurs, small scale business women and professionals. ~ Mentor girls personally and professionally ~Education is a powerful tool towards empowerment ~ learning about money, savings and investment ~Developing professional skills ~ working on your Health and self confidence ~ Have a good network of quality people ~ have the c

Fear or Phobia?

What is phobia? We all have fear of something or the other. Some terror is typical but few of those are intense. The severe disgust of a particular thing, object, situation or place is called Phobia. The word comes from the Greek word ‘Phobos’- which means fear or horror. It can be considered a type of anxiety disorder. How is phobia different from regular fear? If you are terrified of something, you attempt to avoid it. You may sweat or tremble on just the thought of getting into that condition. However, on facing it, you may behave in a different way. For example- if you dread a cockroach- you may kill it when you face it. Another example can be fear of thief entering your house- so you check the locks and are cautious while leaving. Another terror that teenagers have is of the parents. They are Afraid to discuss some issues with them for fear of scolding. But ultimately it is obvious that they are the well wishers and children discuss their problems with them sooner o


Identity crisis broadly means failure to achieve ego identity, especially during adolescence. The teenagers have rapid changes in hormones, emotions and physical being. They are most prone to contemplating their identity in the world- in area of career, gender roles and family. Teens begin to question themselves, their purpose, sense and identity. It affects the mental health leading to anxiety and depression. (Reasons, symptoms and solutions related to psychological well-being had been discussed previously.)  Exploring teenage years, identifying various issues and trying to derive solutions can support in self-achievement. What are the common Signs of identity crisis to look for? You can look for following symptoms if they are consistent: ·          Fatigue ·          Mood swings ·          Loss of interests ·          Lack of concentration and motivation ·          Sleep disorders   How identity crises Distresses you? ·          You question all aspects of y